Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Sporty Mom...

I was never sporty growing up.  It might have been the 4th grade softball experience when I was on the E team...or the 8th grade basketball season  in which I scored 2 points {total...for the season!}.  Whatever it was, it wasn't sporty.

About three years ago, on a whim, I bought a Denise Austin workout video.  I'm already a morning person, and I discovered that a workout in the morning not only felt good but it bought patience for my kids in the afternoon.  A year...and many workout videos later...I joined my local gym.  The gym is literally 2 driving minutes from my house, and a nice walk when I have more time. The best thing about the gym, is that I have met a whole group of friends there who also love the 5:30 am time slot.  With my working-mom days and soccer-mom afternoons, 5:30 am is time that's just for me.  I get a great workout in, take a class and have some social time too!

I always do better when I have a goal, so last year I competed in my first 2 sprint triathlons!  It's kind of like 0 to sporty in 37 years :)  I am looking forward to 3 sprint triathlons this summer and an 80 mile bike ride in September.

This morning I had a great weights workout with my good friend Tessa.  We started with some abs, worked on our arms and ended with legs.  We'd done a hard workout yesterday, and didn't push it too much today.  My regular schedule is: 
Monday - Spinning (I love this class!)
Tuesday - Short Elliptical & a Weight Lifting class
Wednesday -  Weights workout with friends
Thursday - Swimming workout or Endurance swim
Friday - Run
Saturday - If I have time I like to take a weight lifting class
I also love yoga.  My regular class was canceled, but I work it in whenever I can.  Often it's in the hall while my kids are in the tub!

What's your regular workout?  Do you have any events you're looking forward to?


  1. I ALWAYS look forward to our workouts. It's such a great time to chat & giggle.. who doesn't love our chattiness at 5am :)- You're a wonderful friend J, and I'm so glad we met thru the gym!!! Have a great day!

  2. I agree...and it's easier to get out of bed that early when someone is waiting for you!

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