Friday, April 16, 2010

A Mom at Work...

I love a well-organized notebook.  I can't help it...all those tabs neatly arranged, fresh holes punched, easy access to information.  Notebooks are my favorite!

As an Instructional Coach, I am frequently given, or find, articles of interest to read.  It's also great to be able to pass along new research or ideas to teachers I work with.  Over the past year I have amassed a huge collection of articles that were sitting in file folders.  The problem was that I could never find what I was looking for.  Today was the day to get organized!  I spread all the articles out on a table and sorted them into like groups. As I was working I realized I had duplicates of a few articles.  I also decided to create two notebooks rather than one.  I used sticky notes to keep track of topics while I was working.  Once I had all my groups, I made sure everything was hole punched, wrote on my divider tables and put it all together.

The whole project only took about an hour and now I can easily access and share the information.  Of course I made cover inserts and binding labels so that I can find the notebook on my shelves later.  It was a great Friday morning's so nice to leave the office orderly and ready-to-go for Monday morning. 
 These are the shelves in my office...I love a well-organized notebook almost as much as I love being surrounded by books.  It's a happy work corner!


  1. In the military we actually had a regulation in a 3" binder that not only commanded retention time but the name you had to call it. Problem is, we could never remember the milatary's name for a file we wanted to look at. Everybody had a different guess and you had to search through the file drawers to find something. We ended up using a flip top address book to write the real name on each missed guess alphabatized page. We had a lot of names for it but the address book would always point you to the right name.
    Now we have keyword search for our computer generated documents. So, "Windows 7 was my idea" :)

  2. WOW!! I love the organization!! I wish i could be better at it!! I just need more space!! LOL!!

    So how was the arena football game???


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