Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Connar's Bedroom Makeover

Our son Connar is going to be 11 in two weeks! One of his birthday presents this year is a bedroom makeover. Since I am home on Spring Break, this is the week we did the makeover. Connar wanted the room to be a surprise, so he and Aiden spent the day with Grandma, while Kyle and I worked...all day!

Connar chose a Skateboard / Snowboard theme for his new room - fun! I spent quite a while with Connar talking about things that could be moved out - sent to Goodwill or thrown away - and things he wanted to make sure he kept. Then, I organized all the projects and work to be done ahead of time. (I love lists!) We bought a new desk for him as a surprise and I made new curtains and a decorative pillow. We also ordered new posters fitting the new theme. Two of my favorite touches are the skateboard shelves and the hanging snowboard. I used one of Connar's old skateboards and bought a really inexpensive new one. Kyle found shelf brackets that fit and mounted them on the walls. Connar's first birthday present this year was a new snow board. A friend of mine suggested hanging it on the wall. Kyle made it work and now Connar can look forward to boarding all summer.

Has anyone else gotten teary over the previews for "Toy Story 3"? There were a couple times today when I moved out a toy or game that I teared up. It's hard to watch them grow up. But when Connar got home today, he was so excited! I got several huge hugs and lots of "Thank You Mommy". It was such a fun project and I'm glad he likes it.



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to Chase-ing the Dream...

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, and today my great friends Ross & Tessa helped me get started. Stay tuned for an appearance makeover in the next few weeks...I have some fun ideas in mind.

The big idea behind my blog is sharing some of the tips, tricks, trials and tribulations of being a mom-who-plays and a mom-who-works and everything in between.

Right now I am listening to my boys chase a Havoc Heli RC helicopter around the house and listening to the Dropkick Murphy's. They are my favorite band to clean the house to (and run to as well). The boys and I have finished our weekend chores and I have paid allowence to spending money and savings (more on that in a future post.) Soon, I'll pour a glass of wine, make dinner and settle us into a good movie. My husband works 24-hour shifts as a firefighter and he's at work tonight.

Thank you for joining my world...I hope this journey is fun for you as well :)