Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Monday...

It's time to coordinate all your calendars...home, work, kids...and your to-do lists for the week. I took some time this morning to make sure my Family Calendar had all of our after school & weekend events posted. Then I made sure those were stored in my phone as well. There is an event that I have to attend for work on Thursday afternoon and that was added to the Family Calendar. Finally, I spent a few minutes when I arrived at work this morning to make sure my Work Calendar & To-Do list was ready to go for the week.

It's a Monday commitment that really pays off during the week! What is your Monday-Morning-Must-Do?


  1. My Monday morning 'must-do'... COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE :)-
    I do like to have all of the week's activities on the calendar with my reminders on my mobile. I added the new soccer schedules and will need to move some activities due to conflicts. It's easier to do this now than wait and be rushed and not prepared!

  2. I love the reminders on the cell's easier to remember when you need to be somewhere!


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