Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

I am not a good practical joker. I laugh, I blow the joke, I can't think of anything appropriate...I prefer to enjoy pranks vicariously through my husband (who is excellent at practical jokes!) Today however, I had a good one.

Background: My husband as a firefighter works 24-hour shifts, with one on and three off. When he works during the school week, I take my kids to work with me the morning he gets off work. He picks them up at my school and takes them to their own schools. This breaks down to one morning a week that the kids have to get up early to leave with me. This is not their favorite morning of the week.

Today: It's Spring don't have school! My husband was at work though so when I got home from the gym, I showered and got dressed as if I were leaving for work. Then I woke up the kids telling them we had to leave for my school. (Ha, Ha) My oldest is pretty savvy, he knew right off. So I said "April Fools" kissed him and he went back to sleep. My youngest is 6. He moaned and groaned, got up and dressed. When I met him downstairs he had his backpack ready and was getting shoes on. It wasn't until he realized that Connar was still in bed, and I didn't seem to care, that he knew something was up. When I said, "April Fool" he was stunned, surprised and then laughed. What a good sport! I took him to our local bakery for his favorite muffin as a treat for being a good sport.

What's your best April Fool's Joke? Post a comment and share your prank!

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