Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sorting Out the Kids...

Shopping! My husband and I took the boys shopping today and let me tell you shopping is a completely different experience with boys. They needed jeans and new shoes. I have put off buying jeans because it's April...nearly summer...and I thought they'd be into shorts soon. But as it turns out, it's freezing cold and all their jeans have holes. So they needed jeans. They are both somewhere between sizes so they ended up trying on several pairs each...and they are not patient in the changing room. Aiden was convinced that he needed black jeans beacuse, "they're cool and attractive" but sadly they weren't available in a 7 Slim. So once he was convinced to choose blue jeans, it was Connar's turn. He was less picky about the color, thakfully, but very concerned about the style. He wanted skinny jeans...not loose, not boot cut...skinny jeans. It took a few try-ons but he found jeans with just the right fit. Thank you Old Navy!

Once the jeans were purchased it was off to buy shoes. My kids really only have one pair of shoes. They're boys and they skateboard. Have you seen what skateboarding does to shoes? It's not pretty! Fortunately we found skateboard shoes on sale. The pickiness set in when trying to choose the shoe company to wear. Aiden will argue about the fit of a shoe...making up problems...if he doesn't like the brand. It was crazy-making. Finally though, he ended up with Etnies (that fit!) and Connar with Adio's. And when we got home, they tested out the shoes on skateboards and determined them to be perfect! I, on the other hand, am exhausted :)

Does shopping with your kids make you crazy? What item in particular are they bound to be picky about?


  1. My now-grown sons complained we were buying them purple jeans. As an adult, Derrick won't wear jeans because we traumatized him. Derrick also added a small bit of leather hanging on the shoe laces that protected the side of the shoe used to flip the skate board. It was also a status symbol that showed everyone he was a sk8er dude.

  2. Ahh...the trauma of the purple jeans! I will pass on shoe protector / status symbol...maybe it will catch on!


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