Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Mom in Transition…

This afternoon made me laugh…it was so typical of the transition from working-mom to soccer-mom (literally).  Let me start by telling you that my husband surprised me with an iphone for my birthday last weekend.  He included a plug-in for my truck that allows me to talk hands-free and listen to music at the same time.  Picture It feels a little bit like command central…but it sure came in handy today.

I’ve mentioned my husband’s schedule before…when he works it’s 24 hour shifts (but he works 1 on and 3 off)  Today he was at work and I was on my way home from work, when my son called.  The music muted while I was able to talk hands-free.  I was in the middle of letting him know that we had a quick trip to the doctors office, he would have to miss soccer practice and then we would head to his brothers practice.  While we were talking, another call came through…press hold & answer.  It’s the mom driving car pool for the older kids soccer practice.  She was thrilled that Connar had to skip practice…her youngest son had his first baseball game today and she needed her older son to skip practice as well.  This was perfect for both of us!  Switch back to Connar…he and his brother need to be ready to leave when I get home.  My aunt, who was with the boys this afternoon, helped Aiden get ready for soccer practice.

When I got home…they were ready to go.  I dropped the soccer goals off with the mom who was going to help the kids get started…took Connar to the doctor to check out a strange reaction to a vaccination (he’s just fine!), then headed back to the park just in time for soccer practice with Aiden and his team.  Connar alternated helping with the soccer scrimmage and skating in the skateboard park.  All in an afternoon for this mom!

What are your daily transitions?  What helps them run smoothly?


  1. Wow Jen!
    A new iphone!
    What a great surprise!
    Love how it attaches so you can chat hands free!
    Delighted to meet you.

  2. iphone!! Go you!! i hope to get one with my next upgrade in June!!! can't wait!!!
    sounds like you had a super busy day yesterday!


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