Friday, April 2, 2010

Getting Crafty…

As I have mentioned, it’s Spring Vacation, so today was craft day!  My friend, Tessa and her kids came over…the boys played and the girls crafted.  Amid video games, basketball (and a rescue pick-up to the skate park during a hail storm) Tessa and I created the cutest picture holders.

We were  inspired by a project at How Does She and had fun incorporating our own twist. 

getting crafty 007  getting crafty 009

getting crafty 010 getting crafty 013

Aren’t they great?  It’s hard to see the printing on the blocks, the bottom block reads, “My Favorite Things” and my stacking blocks say, “Snow Boarding”, “Skate Boarding”, “Soccer” and “Brothers”.  We twisted wire into picture holders and drilled holes in the block for support.  Tessa’s is on the left and mine is on the right.  I had a few blocks left over from the 2x4, and the one in the middle is a birthday gift.  It’s a perfect project to do with friends because it makes a huge mess, but you can walk away to take care of kids – or make lunch – and easily step right back in.  Thanks to the ladies at How Does She for a fun, crafty afternoon!

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