Monday, April 5, 2010

Back to Work...

The first day back-to-work after a vacation is always tough. I leave before the boys are up in the morning, and while I blow kisses over their sleeping heads, it's not the same as the week of snuggling on the couch with Sponge Bob as they wake up. I love hanging out with my boys!

The good thing about work today was the busy I set my calendar for the week (and month) and got projects organized. There were lots of emails waiting and details that needed tending. In fact the day went more smoothly than many first days back. (Other than the lunch time conversation in which four moms-who-work fantasized about being stay-at-home-moms!)

Calendars: The first of the month - and a return to school from vacation - always triggers a reminder to sort my calendars. I keep three...I know it sounds excessive, but it works for me. In my kitchen is the monthly family calendar...sports events, doctors appointments, school activities...these are all posted on the family calendar. At school I have my work calendar. I like to keep a pencil / paper calendar because I have a variety of appointments and "To-Do's" each day. I also track projects I am working on during the day. This actually turns into more of a diary, as I am required to log my hours as an Instructional Coach. Finally, we have calendar phone. This is my bridge calendar and I enter actitivities / appointments that bridge my Family calendar and my School calendar. I make sure my calendars are in sync every Sunday evening.

How do you keep yourself, your job and your family organized?


  1. Jen, I can appreciate having multiple calendars to sort busy work/family lives and to try to prevent overscheduling! I have my phone for reminders/appts, my home wall calendar for all of our activities and my Outlook calendar for reminders to pay bills, post birthday cards, register for activities, etc. I love being organized!!!

  2. Work calendar is out of control! Any time off has to be written on a paper wall calendar so supervisor can double check against time sheet. We also have a spreadsheet to plan daily projects for the week and update at end of week to document what we really worked on! I personally prefer to keep a paper daily planner on my desk with a TO DO list and a Actually Did list that is a diary because I have no concept of time older than 2 days. I also try to keep appointments on my phone calendar in case someone ask me if I am available on a certain day when I am away from my Outlook calendar. That and I like to make it play funny sounds to make people think I am in demand and my time is important. Hey, I paid for it, I'm going to use it. The easiest calendar is my social calendar. It has a sweet voice that says "Get in the car we're going to So-and-so" (Grama Julie is the most efficient calendar keeper you will ever meet).
    Granpa Danny

  3. I like your social calendar too! Thanks for sharing :)


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