Friday, April 9, 2010

Sorting Out the Kids…

I wish it were always fun & games, but some days just aren’t.  This week has been a bit hard on the kids, especially Connar.  In his world, he went from a glorious week of vacation to…school, homework and 2 hour and a half soccer practices, plus an early morning wake-up (and…he broke his ipod touch – insult to injury!)   On soccer practice days Connar needs to get his homework done right after school, leave by 4:30, practice until 6:30 home for dinner.  Wednesday he didn’t quite get his homework done and he was so tired after dinner.  He decided to finish homework Thursday morning (our kids go to school a bit later on Thursdays).  Well…Thursday morning he decided not to finish the homework, lie to his Dad about said homework and erase the entry in his school planner.  Kyle saw him erasing the entry.

At that point it was time to leave for school, so Kyle said they would talk about it when Connar got home.  He worried about what would happen all day.  And when he got home he was grounded for the rest of the day.  That meant he was in his room – doing homework, reading, he could even play but not with anything electronic – all by himself.  He came out for dinner and to take bath.  While he wasn’t at all happy, and tried to talk us into a reprieve, he knew these were the consequences.  When we tucked him in, he said, “Being grounded sucks!”  I guess it does and I hope it also means he won’t lie again for a while.  We also knew the consequences were meaningful when he hugged & kissed us goodnight.  He knew he was responsible and he wasn’t angry with us.  He’s such a good kid!

What consequences have you recently doled out? 

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  1. Bless him. He is a sweet boy! It sounds like you & Kyle handled it very well and that Connar got the point "Grounding does suck!"

    Side note: love the new tags you have assigned to the posts. Good call for future sorting :)


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