Monday, April 18, 2011

Taking a break...

I'm going to be taking a blog-break for the next month.  My kids are really active in soccer and I need a bit more breathing room during the day.  I'll still be reading my favorite blogs and I'll be back, actively writing in a month.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Book Club Friday...

I hope you've all had a fantastic week!  Mine has been excellent...this week I celebrated my oldest son's 12th birthday, and my own birthday too.  We share the day, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I've been a bit spoiled this year, and have been enjoying reading on my new Kindle the past couple of days! 

The book I have to share this week is so much fun...

The Secret Lives of Dresses by Eric McKean

Why did you pick it up?  Actually, I was wandering through a book store with my mom and she picked it up first.  I was in the middle of a book that wasn't really captivating and this one sounded more interesting.

What kept you reading?  I immediately cared about the characters.  Dora is called back to her home town following her Grandmother's stroke.  The whole book takes place within just a few weeks time.  Dora has never really examined who she is and who she wants to be.  Her grandmother's hospitalization, provides that motivation.  Dora's grandmother owns "Mimi's", a vintage clothing store.  One afternoon a customer prompts Dora to look for a "secret life" and Dora discovers a collection of short stories, all focusing on the secret lives of individual dresses.  It is through these secret lives, that Dora discovers her real one.

What stuck with you?  I loved reading about the relationship between Dora and her grandmother.  Though my relationship with my Gram is much different than Dora's, it is equally strong and motivating.  The thought of being so intentional about what you wear, how it is a window into who you are, is an interesting idea also and something I have pondered in the last couple of days since I finished the book.  Finally, I was intrigued by the coming of age story of was a bit predictable in terms of story line, but touching and I truly enjoyed reading her story.

What are you reading?  I would love to hear. 
Let me know if you decide to pick up "The Secret Lives of Dresses" and what you think!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I love the prompts for this week's Working Mommy Wednesday and Julia's reasons for choosing them. {Go on, pop over and read her post}

What have I been blessed with this week?
* Great friends
* Wonderful husband
* Opportunities to travel and share experiences with my kids
* Supportive & Thoughtful family
* The world's most snuggly cats

...but the real story this week is my kiddo, Connar.  Today's his birthday and I have been blessed with 12 years as his mommy.  He is a truly amazing player, snow boarder, trumpeter, loving big brother, funny, smart, he has such a warm heart...he's the whole package!

So, today, in counting my blessings, it's been 12 fascinating years of mommy-hood!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things they say...

I had fun putting this together last week, and I thought it would make a fun semi-regular feature!

We had friends over for dinner who have adorable babies, one of whom is a 7 month old boy.  My boys loved him!  They brought him toys, talked to him, played with him...they thought he was great!

After our friends went home, and we were snuggled up before bed, Aiden turned to me.  "Mommy, no offense to Connar, but I would really like to have a baby brother!"

Connar immediately jumped in, "Aiden, you could still have me, but we could both have a baby brother."

Then two beautiful sets of blue eyes turned towards me.
"How about if we invite Sam over whenever you feel like you'd like to have a baby brother?"

Aiden snuggled in, "I'd like that.  All the fun of a baby brother, but you only have two sides and I wouldn't want to share you."

Sounds like a perfect solution to me too!

Be sure to swing by my science blog, The Science Mommy, and join in the challenge to create a rain gauge.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Spring...

I love spring!  It's so refreshing to see the little bits of green coming up in the garden and to feel the days getting warmer.  In honor of the season, I have made a few blog buttons to share...

To use, simply right click and save the image.
All these buttons were made using, Adori Graphics, I Heart Spring, digi-scrap kit check out her site for tons of digital scrapbooking kits and ideas.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Book Club Friday...

Ahhh...Spring Break!  I have had a great week...lots of time to play with the kids...lots of time to curl up with a good book!

The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen

Why did I pick it up?  I have read all of the author's earlier books and really enjoyed them.  I actually pre-ordered this book and it showed up on my Kindle the day it was released.

Why did I keep reading?  One of the things I enjoy about her books is the light weaving of magic throughout the story line.  It's not a fantasy book, it's grounded in the modern day but...there is this little thread of magic that dances through the story line.  I love the stories she tells.  Like her other books, The Peach Keeper was primarily about relationships and finding oneself.  This one was also a bit of a mystery.  The story was engaging and the characters were people I cared about.  I was particularly interested in the idea of a social club started by the grandmothers of the current members.  The idea of three generations of friends intrigues me.

What stuck with me?  I loved this quote, "She walked out into the sunshine, smiling.  Fate never promises to tell you everything up front.  You aren't always shown the path in life you're supposed to take." Looking back on the story, it was perfect for relaxing at the end of a busy, full day.

What have you been reading?  Is there anything that's stuck with you?  Share it!
Happy Weekend...Happy Reading!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life Lessons...

Connar is a soccer player.  This spring, we realized he needed new cleats and decided to treat him to a "cool" pair.  He's been looking around for a while and had finally picked out the perfect pair of cleats.

Last weekend, his team traveled about three hours out of town for their game.  Our family arrived at the field about an hour before the warm-up.  Time for the boys to run around and play, time for a snack before the game, time to stretch our legs.  Connar wasn't out of the truck for 5 minutes before he came back with a worried look on his face.  "Did you pack my cleats?"  "No buddy, packing your bag is your job."  After a few minutes of digging through the bag, he knew he'd forgotten his cleats.

Cue the iPhone search for a sporting goods or big box store.  We navigated our way several blocks to the store and crossed our fingers that they would have soccer cleats.  There was in fact one pair of cleats that fit Connar.  Perfectly serviceable, though bottom-of-the-line soccer cleats.  As he was tying them and checking the fit he said, "These will work for today."  I smiled a little sadly, and said, "Oh no buddy, these are your new cleats."

Understanding dawned.  His eyes welled up and he nodded.  "Maybe in the fall, I can get the cool ones?"  "We'll see kiddo...why don't you remember these on our next traveling game day?" "Oh I will mommy, I won't forget again!"

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's...

My oldest son makes his own breakfast in the morning, so I thought it would be fun to raid the Halloween box and set-up a little surprise in the cupboard...
...and one in the silverware drawer...
...and it's hard to see in the picture but I colored the milk green with food color!
Our cat Fyn helped with the coloring of the milk.  The stage is set and all we need now is to surprise the boys.  Happy April Fool's Day to you to.  What surprises did you rig up?

Pop back next Friday when the Book Club will return...I've been reading Sarah Addison Allen's new book, The Peachkeeper and Kate Morton's The Distant Hours