Tuesday, April 13, 2010

He’s Growing Up…

My oldest son, Connar is 11 today.  Incidentally today is my birthday also…that’s another story.  The cliché is that they grow up so fast, and I wish that I could say that without it being a cliché.  Because it’s TRUE!  One minute you are exhaustedly walking the floor, trying to get them to sleep and the next minute they’re riding their bike to school alone.  One minute they’re turning to you for a band-aid and the next minute they’re taking care of themselves.  When school starts in the fall, Connar will be attending middle school.  I teach middle school…I don’t have to wonder what happens there, I know!


Connar got a snowboard for his birthday, and he got it a bit early so that he could enjoy a day with his new board before it hung on the wall for 6 months.  If you had asked me 11 years ago, I never would have guessed I would take this kind of picture of my baby.  But there were so many other things I never guessed…I never guessed what a kind heart he would have, I never guessed he would be so funny, I never guessed he would be such a great big brother, I never guessed how much fun it would be to watch him grow up…I never guessed how much it would hurt to watch him grow up. 

Many years ago I read an essay that I loved.  (Like many busy moms, I didn’t save it and I have always wished I had a copy…if you know the reference, please send it to me.)  The author talked about all the things you do for your children…feed them, clean them, bandage them, love them…and with the very same hand moms are expected to “wave a convincingly cheerful good-bye”.  I am proud of my sons  responsibility and independence.  I love that he makes good choices and has common sense.  I am thankful that he is trustworthy and kind.  And I love watching him grow up…I just wish he would slow down!

How do you handle watching your children grow up?  What are your “convincingly cheerful good-bye’s”?


  1. What a beautiful post. I need to go find my tissues. This really touched me. I am still struggling with the fact that Jordan will be going to college in the fall (when did that happen???) You & Kyle are amazing parents and excellent role models. You are right, Connar is a kind, thoughtful and wonderfully responsible young man (did I just call him a man?). To answer your question on how do I handle my children growing up... NOT WELL :(

  2. Been there, done that.
    Unfortunately it gets worse.
    Just wait for the teen years.
    But he'll always have heart to heart talks with Mom.
    P.S. Connar has been the best Big Brother I have ever seen.


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