Monday, April 19, 2010

Since You Asked...

Several of my friends who don't regularly follow a blog have asked about leaving comments. If this question applies to is your answer:

Each blog can be a bit different. For mine, once you have read the post, there is a link above my signature that says comments. Click on that link and a comment box will open up. Type your comment. I really love to receive lets me know people are reading!

The tricky part comes when you add your name to the comment. It's really not tricky. If you have a Google Account (or another account listed) click on that option. This leaves your name along with an email or webpage link. You can also choose Name / URL. Leave you name and if you don't have a website, leave the URL box blank. This way I will know who left the message.

I like to leave questions at the end of each post to spark conversation. What's the best thing about your Monday?

1 comment:

  1. Great post :)
    The best thing about my Monday is I get to see my fun friend at Spinning class (that's you!!) and I look forward to working in Em's class!
    Happy Monday!


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