Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sporty Kids…

Currently, our daily schedule is ruled by soccer!  My husband, Kyle, has a game each week, Connar has two practices and a game each week, Aiden has one practice and a game each week and I am his team’s coach .  For 8 weeks, spring and fall, we’re all about soccer!

While it’s so much fun, the season also takes quite a bit of organization.  Kyle’s games are on Sundays and he can keep track of his own gear…so I leave him to his own devices.  (Though I did sew patches on his new gear bag!)  The boys both have string backpacks stored in the laundry room.  During the season they keep their shin guards, shoes and soccer balls in the bags…ready to go.  Connar also keeps his inhaler and goalie jersey in his backpack.  I also keep the goals, cones, whistle and other gear I need for coaching in my trunk for the whole season.  This way we’re not searching through the house / garage before practice. 

With Connar playing for a club team this year, I have also worked out carpools to practice with other moms.  Happily, this spring I drive on Mondays and coach Aiden’s team on Wednesdays, when another mom drives. 

It’s all worth it on game days…the kids are so proud of themselves and have so much fun on the field.   And on Sunday’s – we love cheering on Kyle’s team too!

How do you organize your family for sports?

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