Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's the First of May...

When I was growing up, I used to take flowers to my Gram on the first of May!  Today I am getting my calendars aligned for the month ahead.  Here's some things for you to think about including on your May calendar:

Kids at School - As the end-of-the-year approaches kids will involved in concerts, field days and other events.  Make sure those are posted on the family calendar and all the details are taken care of. (Aiden's Kindergarten Family Night is on the 21st.) 

Teacher Appreciation - Make sure you remember your kids teachers this month.  Teachers work really hard all year for your kids.  There are tons of craft ideas out there, help your kids create something special for their teachers!

Kids Sports - Are your spring sports wrapping up?  Have you thought about a thank-you for your coach?  Do you need to register for summer sports or camps?  (Connar is trying out for two soccer clubs this month - wish him luck!)

Summer Camp - Are your kids going to camp?  Some camps have an early-bird discount.  We signed the boys up early and contributed the $20 off to their camp store account.  Also, plan for time to complete all the paper work and get medical releases signed off prior to camp.

Birthday Parties - Look ahead...if you have several birthday parties to attend you can take care of gifts in one trip rather than several.  (We'll be at my Gram's birthday on the 15th and Lukey's 5th birthday on the 22nd!)

Mother's Day - Do you need to leave a subtle hint or just circle the date on the calendar?  Either way, let your family pamper you a bit! (My father-in-law organizes a fantastic brunch where the moms sip mimosas on the deck and the guys do all the boys are the cutest waiters!)

Other Stuff - I have a note on my calendar to take my ring into the jewelers to inspect in order to keep my warranty - don't want to forget that!  My husband and I get to go to a concert - yay, date night!   We also have another full month of soccer games and Shock Football games. 

What are you looking forward to in May?  Do you have your calendar ready-to-go?


  1. Great reminders!!! Em & Luke both made Picnic Planters for their teachers yesterday at Home Depot. Em can't wait for me to bring it into her classroom tomorrow. She picked out her teachers favorite color flower and we'll be painting them today (after Bloomsday).
    Yes, lots of birthday parties coming up (I have 5 this month). Lots to plan but lots of fun :)

  2. I saw those planters advertised at Home Depot, what a great idea! Lots to plan but lots of fun...great words for busy moms!


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