Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Big Photo Challenge...

The Big Photo Challenge

This week's Big Photo Challenge was Three...I was a bit stumped at first, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.  My inspiration came yesterday during Connar's soccer game. 

Connar plays keeper and forward - yesterday was his last game this season.  Last week he tried out for two different clubs and was picked up by a team for next year.  He was so excited, as this is the first time he's tried out for something.  I definitely noticed a difference in the way he played yesterday...he ended with one of his personal best games. 

I use a Canon Rebel xsi and had the sports setting on yesterday.  That enabled me to capture multiple shots in a row, like these.  My entry for three...three shots of an great kick, by an amazing U11 Keeper!


  1. Those are amazing photos from a super awesome goalie :)

  2. Cool idea for the 3 theme. Nice work.

  3. Great interpretation of the theme Jen :)

    I have the same camera - only over here we call it the 450D...there's a useless snippet of info for yah LOL

  4. love it!! I am still struggling with mine!! hopefully i will figure something out!!


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