Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Family Rules...

I sure have been playing referee a lot lately!  My boys are bickering, tattling and generally not playing nice lately.  This morning I grounded the video game system for four days in response to a tattle/not sharing incident.  Referee is my least favorite parenting role ever!

It just so happens I was visiting some of my favorite blogs today and was inspired by this project.  I had intended to keep the idea in the back of my mind, an I'll-do-it-someday project.  When I went downstairs to clean up my desk / craft space, I decided it would be more fun to make this...
{the dinosaur and drawing are artwork by my kids!}

Here's how I created my own version of the family rules:

I started with an empty frame I had in the storage room.  This was just the size I wanted and I love re-using things instead of buying new stuff.   I then wrote the rules I wanted to include in my list and measured the length of the frame.  Since the frame was 15" long, I decided to make the title 2", each rule 1" and then a 3" block at the bottom.

I dug through my scrapbook paper collection to find several that I liked together and cut the strips.

I organized the strips and used my collection of sticker letters for all the words.  {I had planned to hand write the rules...but I have a lot of sticker letters!}

My cat, Fyn, was very helpful during the layout process!

Once I knew where I wanted everything, I used my sticker maker to put a permanent adhesive on all the strips.  I actually just stuck them to the board that came with the frame.

And just like that, I have posted Family Rules.  I am hoping this will minimize the need for me to referee {but I am not holding my breath!}  At the very least it was more fun to be crafty than it was to clean up my desk!
It's hard to read the list.  Here are "Our Family Rules":
* Be Kind
* Share
* Mind Your Manners
* Sing * Laugh * Play
* Clean up your Mess
* Always tell the Truth
* Pitch in & Help
* Believe in Yourself
* Keep your Promises
* Leave a Trail of Love

What are your family rules?  What do you do when called upon to be the referee?


  1. We only have one rule:
    Whoever sees the spider first has to handle it

    Everything else: Hang the code, and hang the rules! They're more like guidelines anyway!

  2. I agree...they are more like guidelines! And I am the one who takes care of spiders :)

  3. Spiders are creepy but Ross won't let me vacuum them up, so he gets a cup and moves them safely outside.. gross!

    J- love this project. Fyn is a good helper! Great idea. I may need to make one :)


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