Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Big Photo Challenge...

This week's photography challenge was... Blue

The Big Photo Challenge

Meet my cat Fyn.  Fyn is a Devon Rex cat who is about 18 months old.  Fyn is an odd-eyed Devon...with eyes that are two different blue and the other green. Her show-champion mother, also has odd-eyes.  She and her sister Rooney live in our house, and enjoy all the cozy spaces we have for them.  They are the best pets we have ever had...patient with our boys, they love to be with people, they're snuggly and wonderful!

 I was helping the boys with Mother's Day crafts for Grandma's when Fyn decided to help us also.  I snapped this shot of her without even thinking of the photo challenge.  When I saw her big eyes, I decided to use this picture to meet the challenge of Blue.

I have been experimenting with close-up photos, trying to fill the frame and ignore the background.  Usually I use the macro settings on the camera, but for this one I was in regular shooting.  I am trying to learn more about photography because I love taking pictures, but I really don't understand all the settings...I play with a shot until I get one I like, but I may not be able to replicate it again.


  1. Thanks for linking up your photo Jen. Your cat is beautiful - I love the odd eyes!

  2. I had a cat with one green eye and one blue too but the green eye would often turn hazel sometimes! It was freaky! Cute cat. Mine ran away and now lives under our storage building. I see it sometimes! It turned wild not sure why we let her come in!

  3. Fyn is beautiful! Thanks for introducing me to this challenge. I am excited to participate.

    I have found that it's so hard to get the color of eyes just right in photographs. It's so cool that you can see the blue and green so well in this photo.

  4. Lovely picture. It's a great idea for the challenge of blue.

  5. Great idea and great photo of eyes

  6. Beautiful kitty!! Very rare to get blue eyes unless siamese :)


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