Monday, May 31, 2010

The Big Photo Challenge...

This week's theme is WATER...
The Big Photo Challenge

I try to take a picture for the photo challenge the week of the challenge...I think that's part of the challenge and it's fun to get creative.  This week though, I've been sick and stressed and just couldn't pull it off.  I went to my Shutterfly album specifically to find a photo of my boys at the beach last summer when I found this one!

This was taken while the kids were playing in a large, interactive fountain.  The water was super cold, but it was August and the day was really hot.  We'd been playing in the park and it was close to time to go home so the boys just dove in...and got really goofy!

The picture was actually taken with my "purse camera", a Fuji point-and-shoot that I carry for just such moments.

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  1. Fantastic shot!! Looks like they were having FUN :)


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