Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bloomsday & My Sporty Kids…

I was so proud of my son Connar today!  Several months ago he asked me if I would run Bloomsday (a huge, 7.2 mile road race) with him.  I agreed.  Honestly…I didn’t think he would run far, I thought we would walk most of it – I completely underestimated him!photo 1

Bloomsday is huge…our group crossed the starting line about half an hour after the top seeded runners began the race.  {There was actually an announcement before we began, that the race had been won}.  I kept telling Connar that he could set the pace, I would follow him.  When we started he took off like a shot, running like a pro and he didn’t slow down until the 4-mile marker.  I was so impressed, he wove in and out of the crowd and just kept running.   I was amazed and so proud of him. 

Around 4 miles…he started getting tired and needed a quick pit stop.  We stopped at the bottom of Doomsday 3 photo 2







Connar and I walked up the hill, and ran/walk to the Fire Department water station…we kept saying, “We’re almost to Daddy!” From there we truly were almost done.  Connar was really tired and his stomach hurt, but he kept going….running a bit and then walking to catch his breath.

When we turned the corner to the Finish Line I was overwhelmed and teared up.  Connar gave me a high 5 and a grin saying, “thanks for running this with me Mommy!” What an overwhelming mom moment…I even forgot to get a picture.  We ran all the way across the finish!  It’s an unbelievable feeling to be awed by your kid….this was a great day!


  1. Way to go Connar (and Mommy!!!) That's a huge accomplishment. That's a touching moment!! You two are so amazing, great job :)

  2. We had a great time doing Bloomsday also. Incorporating the Amazing Race Bloomsday 2010 season with Aiden not only keeps him going but makes a great scrapbook of clues and pictures. We thought we made great time when we finished and were walking to the car. We could see thousands more crossing the finish line long after we had. I checked our time on the website this morning and found out we finished about 47,000 out of 49,000, what the... But it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Besides, we got to meet other Bloomies, Firemen, Japanese students, war heros, and stop for ice cream. This isn't a Race, it's an Adventure! Right in our own town.

  3. It is an adventure and I think you should do a guest-blog spot on the Amazing Race version...either that or I will write it but I need you to send me pictures. Aiden had a great dinner when I asked what the best part was he couldn't pick - he said the whole thing was the best part!


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