Thursday, May 27, 2010

Date Nights...

A date night?  In the middle of the week?  How does that happen? 

My husband and I enjoyed dinner and a movie last night, and usually once each month during the school year, thanks to my in laws.  Our schedule is kind of crazy, but it works like this...
* My kids go to school late on Thursdays due to teacher collaboration time
* My husband works a 1-on and 3-off schedule...look at the calendar...that puts him working about 1 Thursday each month (and 1 of each other day too!)
* My in-laws help with child care 3 or 4 times a month when Kyle is working
Put it all together...Kids go to school late so instead of coming to our house early in the morning, my in-laws invite them for a slumber party on Wednesday night...leaving Kyle and I free to have a mid-week date!

With the schedule of working parents, sporty kids and life it's nice to look forward to this date...time to regroup and chat.  We love movies so our date is usually dinner & a movie.  I can't bear to tell you what movie we saw last night...let's just say that I lost the bet!  We did have an excellent dinner and lots of great conversation.

What creative ways do you have to get a little extra time with your man?


  1. Date nights are the best :)

  2. I am sure that whatever movie your obviously wonderfun husband took you to, could not be as bad as Sex and the City 2. :P


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