Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Photo Challenge...

The Big Photo Challenge

This weeks Big Photo Challenge is...Old

I spent a while thinking about this challenge and wanting to do something "out of the box".  I was walking around my garden, when inspiration hit.

Where I live, spring is marked by blooming lilacs...all over the city.  Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers and I have large bush in my backyard.  The reason this is Old is a bit of a story.  My great-grandmother had a large and beautiful garden.  When I was younger, my mom divided parts of my Grandma's lilacs (among other flowers) to transplant in her yard.  She has a gigantic lilac in her backyard that is from my Great-Grandma's yard.  Many years later, I moved into my house.  As our house was new construction, we had nothing in the yard.  My mom helped me go through her garden, dividing plants to transplant in my garden.  This lilac is one of those transplants...the lilac from my Great-Grandma.  So...this is Old because it's my Great-Grandma's lilac, which is also my mom's lilac and is now my lilac.  (I've told my husband that we can never move, unless we move my hand-me-down plants!)  Every spring I have this lovely reminder of my Great-Grandma.

I took the picture with my Canon Rebel xsi on the macro setting in natural light. 


  1. That photo is really beautiful. I also love lilacs, we have them in our garden. But they aren't my grandma's. My 87-year-old grandma (actually my great-grandmother) died (for cancer)on September 18 in the last year so I inherited her orchids. I have said that I won't ever kill(?) them because they remind me of my lovely great-grandmother. Orchids are only material memory which I have about my grandma.

    Though I've just sixteen yours old, I love my grandma really much. It's really, really sad that we didn't meet many times.

    So, I understand your standpoint. It's really lovely that I can tell you my story about flowers. Thank you! :)

    (I hope you understood my point - I'm not sure about my English)

  2. Thanks are a great way to remember :)

  3. I love lilac - we have a lilac tree in our front garden and at our last house we had a couple of them too...beautiful. And I love the macro function on that camera - I just wish I could replicate it as well LOL.


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