Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Working Mommy Wednesday...

It's Wednesday...halfway through the week, and time for Working Mommy Wednesday.  By the way, do you love my new look?  I have been so excited!  There's still some rearranging and sorting that needs to be done...just as when you move into any new room.  But...Welcome, I'm glad you're here.

The prompt this week is Your Biggest Challenge of the Year.  That sounds impressive, but I'm afraid I can't look that far ahead right now...My Biggest Challenge of the Week...finishing the week.

That sounds lame, I know...but for the past two weeks I have lounged, played, crafted, slept in, ate delicious food, played some more, lounged, drank get the picture.  Two glorius weeks of responsibility free Christmas Vacation.  (Now I sound like I'm 13!)  Well, this week I had to go back to work.  And I forgot how hard I work...and I'm tired.

I am absolutely not complaining, I enjoy my job and I even like working hard.  I like getting up early to work out, I like teaching and working with teachers all day, I like soccer and homework.  I even like cooking (occasionally!)  But I have to admit, that for two weeks, I really liked sloth!

So, this week my biggest challenge is finishing the week.  I'm pretty sure I'll manage, but I might whine just a little.  My rewards will be a great Friday night quilting with my mom and aunt and a fantastic day of skiing on Sunday...I think I can get there.


  1. I love this post! I work hard at my job, too, and I've been trying to finish several weeks, without complaining that everyone else got at least 3 paid holidays that I had to work. It could always be worse: I could still be in retail!

    Enjoy your Friday. I have a very looong date with my hubby on Saturday that begins with a college b-ball game at 2:30 and ends sometime Sunday. We need that!

  2. I absolutely love dating my's so important for busy families to take that time together. Have a great weekend!

  3. It is hard getting back into the routine! BTW - I love your new blog design! It looks great.

  4. it's so hard going back after the holidays!! work monday and tuessday were so long for me too!!

    oh, and i'm jealous you got a silhouette. do you love it? i have an old cricut and it's my best friend!!! we should totally scrapbook together. do you scrapbook??

  5. I just pretend everyday is Monday, I agree its been a tough week and its only hump day

  6. The Silhouette is awesome!

    It's nice to be on the downside of the week :)


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