Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Busy Kids...

Last week our x-box (and all related gaming systems) was grounded.  This happens occasionally when I have been called in too frequently to referee arguments, when the timer has been forgotten or when it seems that video games are the only toy in our house.  Every so often, the boys need to remember that there is more to do than play video games.  Last week was that week.

In the midst of a grounded gaming system, Connar went shopping with allowance money.  He spent quite a while in the "science kit" section of the store and ended up choosing a Build Your Own Radio kit. 
I was surprised by how long it took to build the radio, and how complex the directions were.  He stuck it out though, rebuilding it more than once. 
Once the radio was complete he had a hard time tuning into a station.  This led to some online research and some trial & error attempts to improve the signal.  All in all he spent several hours with the radio and it was fun to see him so engaged!

Aiden got a rock tumbler for his birthday and the long-weekend gave us time to get it going.  He was a little disappointed that it would be 16 days of tumbling before he had polished rocks, but it was fun to set up. 

All this, along with some great Tech Deck and Bey-Blade tournaments reminded the boys that there is more to life than video games!

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  1. Good bye gaming! Hip hip hooray for good ole' fashioned fun :)


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