Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow-y Craft...

I love to decorate seasonally.  I try not to over do it, but it's fun to have a few things that change out each month to mark the seasons or holidays.  This month I have a new decoration to share...
I made the "Snow" sign with some great wood pieces and a little mod-podge.

I started with wooded letters, a wooden plaque, some craft paper and mod-podge.

Since I knew I was going to mod-podge paper on the front of the letters and the plaque, I started by painting the edges with acrylic paint...white on the letters, blue on the background plaque.

Next I painted the heart red and while the paint was still wet...
I sprinkled on some glitter and brushed off the excess.

I traced around each letter (upside down, on the wrong side of the paper).  I had initially tried mod-podging the paper on first and tearing the excess off to form the shape of the letter.  I decided I wanted a cleaner looking finish, so I traced and cut out all the letters before I applied them to the wooden cutouts.

I mod-podged paper onto the back ground also...this paper I did tear around the edges to get the shape of the wooden background.

And here's the finished project...I really like how it looks up on my little shelf with the Robot Snowmen. Check out how we made those at The Science Mommy

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