Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What was she thinking?

I love the prompt for this week's, Working Mommy Wednesday... 
What was she thinking?
A post about me, from my kiddo's point of view...

 I do not understand what Mommy has against my ipod, or my DS, or the Nintendo 360.  Just when my brother and I get settled into a game, she's asking if we set the timer or if our homework is finished.  Any minute now she's going to have laundry for us to put away or say the table needs to be set.

And another thing, why does Mommy care if my brother and I argue?  It's not like we're hurting her or yelling at her.  She doesn't understand that he cheats and I have to let him know that I know that he's cheating.  After all if he doesn't take turns, then I'm not going to take turns.  He usually starts it anyway, but it seems like I am always the one who gets in trouble for arguing.  I really hate it when Mommy grounds the video games.  I don't think it's fair at all that the video games get grounded just because my brother and I have an argument.  He never let's me have my way, he always has to have the first turn and we always have to play the game that he wants to play.  Then when I say something about it, the games end up being grounded.  It's so unfair.
Another thing I don't understand at all is why Mommy's so concerned about baths, and teeth brushing and deodorant.  It's my body. I don't think I need a bath every night.  And then she's all over me to hang up my towel and make sure the toothpaste is cleaned out of the sink.  My brother and I are the only ones who use the sink, and the towels for that matter, why does she care?

The last thing I really don't understand is the laundry.  I guess it's nice that Mommy does the laundry, and folds everything into the basket, but it doesn't really matter to me.  And I don't understand why she gets so upset if things aren't put away in the right drawers.  They're my drawers and I don't care if there's underwear with my t-shirts.  Why does she?

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  1. hahaha!!! this was funny.. b/c the whole laundry thing is my husband. good thing i don't put away his stuff, b/c i think he thinks the same as your boys!! i don't know why i'm so OCD about my kids drawers.... for heaven's sake!! don't put the pants in the shirt drawer!!!!!!!!

    haha!!!! :) have a great day!!


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