Monday, January 17, 2011

Count Down to...

I am so excited about this project!  Last fall I ordered the "Count Down to Candy" kit from the ladies at How Does She.  My kids loved moving the count-down blocks while they were waiting for Halloween.  It struck me at the time...why don't I use the concept and the blocks to make more fun count-downs?  And that's just what I did!
 The block on the bottom is from the original count-down that I made for Halloween.  The number blocks in that kit had obvious Halloween paper and I wanted something that would lend itself to all of the count-downs, so...

I cut new blocks, found a selection of craft paper that was festive and used my trusty bottle of mod-podge to prepare the number blocks.

Next, I used the original large block and chose papers for my three new count-downs. 
Once all the papers had been applied and the mod-podge was dry, I was ready to affix the vinyl to each block.  Here are my new count-downs...

I just spin the bottom block to find the new topic!  I love the way I can use this set for several occasions and my kids love to "Count Down" anything.  Right now the Birthday countdown is on display as we head towards my husbands birthday in February.

What would your family choose to "Count Down" too?


  1. Fun idea! I am so glad you shared! Thank you

  2. I love this idea i am so going to do this!!


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