Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Talking to the Boys...

I'm a science teacher.  With a degree in Health Education.  In my house that qualifies me to be that parent...you know the one who talks to the kids.  About sex. And other things.

The other night, Kyle was at work, Aiden was at a birthday party and Connar and I were working on a project.  It was the kind of project that required attention, but not a lot of thought.  As a teacher, I have noticed that when kids are engaged in something that requires their attention but not a lot of thought, they tend to open up more.  Something about not making eye contact, but being able to listen and talk is a freeing opportunity.

So, I took advantage of the opportunity and asked if he had any questions.  If he had heard anything he didn't understand.  If he was wondering anything.  And after a couple of minutes he said that he had heard something on TV and wondered what it was.  Without looking at me, he asked me if I knew what masturbation was.

And I was glad that I was looking at my project and not at him.  Glad that I could take a couple of seconds to catch my breath and think.  I was glad that he had asked.  Glad that we had time to ourselves when we could have a conversation.  I took a moment to remember that I wanted him to ask me.  That I had an answer.  I took a moment to be thankful that I was, in that moment, his confident.  I also had to remember that I believe kids need information, and facts, that are appropriate to the question asked.  And I talked to him. 

After about three minutes he said, "That's all I want to hear about that Mommy.  I'll ask you again later when I want to hear more."

Ok, punkin'  Let's take this growing up thing one step at a time.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that Jen - the way you described it made me chuckle :-) But that was a really great way to handle it.


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