Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Workouts...

January is a notoriously difficult month for me to work out.  For most of the world, resolutions are set in January and the gyms are crowded.  Most people get their best workouts in January.  Not me.  This month it's hard to wake up.  Hard to get out of bed.  Hard to head to the gym in the dark.

To keep things interesting, a friend of mine helped me create a few swimming workouts.  It's much easier to spend the time in the pool when you have a specific workout, rather than just swimming laps.

This is the workout I did today:
* Warm up - 400 m
* Pyramid (15 seconds of rest between each set)
   - 4 x 50 m
   - 3 x 100 m
   - 200 m
   - 3 x 100 m
   - 4 x 50 m
* Drills - 50 m each - swim, kick, pull, swim, pull
* Cool Down - 200 m

How do you keep your workouts interesting?


  1. Did Amanda help you put that together? Looks fantastic!! Way to shake things up :)

  2. January is a hard time for me to get exercise also. Seattle is so rainy and yucky out. II love going for walks around our neighborhood with my kids but can't do that very often in the winter. Another problem is that the kids get sick more often and then I can't take them to the gym kid's area either! I try to keep things interesting by listening to great music and if we can't leave the house we have a dance party in our living room!!

  3. Getting the pool to workout is hard for me anytime ;-) not my fave! Good for you for finding the right person to help you make it happen :)


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