Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesday...

Here we are...Wednesday again and time for...

The prompt this week is a Top Ten List.   I have two boys, 6 and 11, and in response to some of their obvious boy behavior, I have often teased them about the...

 "List of Reasons You'll Never Be Allowed to Join a Fraternity!"

  • Their desire to turn everything into a contest...particularly burping and farting.
  • Every game turns into tackle football...I do not understand the connection between checkers and tackle football!
  • When Aiden was in pre-school, he flipped through Connar's yearbook and pointed out pretty girls.  Choosing girls from a book is reason #3 he'll never be allowed to join a fraternity.
  • An interest in drinking milk super fast (connected to #1).  Drinking games?  Clearly a reason not to join a fraternity!
  • The basket full of footballs in the living room and the persistent game of catch!
  • Their reference to every friend as, "Dude", and their ability to use the word in nearly every sentence.
  • Aiden and Connar  both believe they'll be driving sports cars, preferably in high school.  "Mommy, let's talk about the car I'm going to drive."
  • Their crazy "Rock Band" skills
  • Their obvious interest in cheerleaders... and rapt attention during half-time shows.
  • A while ago at a football game, Aiden pointed out that if all the men in our group took their shirts off they could paint the letters SHOCK on their chests (in honor of the team we were watching)
Those crazy kids...probably with all the teasing they'll join fraternities just to spite me.  Ha Ha Ha
What running jokes do you have in your house?



  1. LOL - those are great! I love the instinctual propensity to play drinking games [with milk even].

    Love the list! Major kudos. Visiting from WMW!

  2. LOL - I'm with you, especially my oldest son with the girl thing...he's 8 and we've never hit that "I hate girls" phase. He loves girls.

  3. this is so funny!! so nice to hear the thoughts of a mom who has older boys. i'll be well prepared!! ;)

  4. Too funny. You need to read I'm Outnumbered (Laura's book about raising four boys)! I'm giving it away on my blog today! Happy WMW!

  5. This post is so funny. I've got a 16 month old boy. I'm sure he'll be doing the same (and I will be secretly laughing). Thanks for sharing.

  6. I'm confused. Does this mean Mom won't let them join a fraternity because of these behaviors or the fraternity won't take them because of these behaviors?
    It seems like the fraternity would recruit them to be president and activities director with these traits.


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