Monday, October 18, 2010

Vacation Memories...

We love to take family vacations...and I love to take pictures!  Last year I started making posters for my boys with a collage of family photos.  After our summer vacation to Maui, I did the same.

Shutterfly makes collage posters really easy!  I already had all my vacation photos uploaded because I was working on a scrapbook.  With each of my boys, I had them choose the layout and background of the poster.  Then we looked through all of the vacation pictures so they could choose their favorites and decide where to place each picture on the poster.  It was so much fun to see which pictures they choose and hear the stories they remembered from the trip.

With an inexpensive frame, the posters look great in their rooms.
Connar chose a my favorite picture of the boys together as the center of his poster.
Aiden wanted as many pictures as possible and he loved the "old fashioned" corners.


  1. Love this idea. We just went camping over the weekend and I forgot my camera. Of course every second I turned around I thought, "dang, I wished I had my camera!"

  2. I hate it when I forget my camera...that's when all the cute moments happen!

  3. Can't have enough cameras. If I know I'm going to take pictures like at soccer and football games I bring my big Canon 3S1S. I also always carry a tiny shirt pocket Nikon S210 where ever I go and use it at work, restaurants or even shopping. But if all else fails I always have the camera on my phone which is also great for for a quick Facebook mobile update.


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