Monday, October 11, 2010

Time to Organize...

I needed a spot for quick phone number reference, kids school schedules and other bits of information.  I already had a calendar hanging in my kitchen so I took advantage of that wall space...
I had a small bulletin board, painted the same color as my wall. On the top two-thirds I added a piece of scrapbook paper. 
I added tabs for "Family", "Friends" and "Business" and created phone lists for each category.  Each of these lists were mounted on solid colored paper and the added to the board. 
I included a current school schedule for the boys and a reminder of PE & Library days for me!
I also added a spot to hang birthday invitations and a couple of extra tacks for other things we need to remember.
With a couple of fun stickers and a Pirates of the Carribbean pin, we were all set!
How do you organize your family?


  1. Loving the birthday clip idea! Seriously, how to organize all of the birthdays and events- love your new system!

  2. This turned out really nice. I like how you organized the phone numbers. The birthday clip is a great addition.


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