Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Not Halloween Without...

...Pumpkin carving!
 Aiden was fairly certain that touching the pumpkin guts would make him "barf!" but he managed to scoop out some of the seeds...
 This was the first year that Aiden was interested and capable enough to carve his own pumpkin...start to finish...on his own...

 It was tough, but he was really proud of the finished product...a four-eyed, Frankenstein pumpkin...

Connar wouldn't let us see his project-in-progress, but wanted us to, "be amazed by the results!"
And I was amazed!

With so much busy, running around lately, it was wonderful to just relax and enjoy our family for an evening.  Just the refreshing moments and memories we all needed.


  1. I am amazed by Connar's results! And Mr. A's Frankenstein pumpkin is so spook-tastic :)
    I'm not a fan of the goopy guts either, Aiden can borrow my yellow gloves anytime! HA

  2. Your boys did great creating their own designs! Such a great family tradition, don't you think?


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