Friday, October 1, 2010


I've been reminded this week about some of the things that mean the most...
  • I don't like saying that I am busy...somehow it sends the wrong connotation.  My life is very full and I like that word better because I have chosen the fullness...all of the things I am involved in are things that I have chosen and things that I enjoy.
  • I had the best dinner with my kids last night.  It was an evening my husband was working and I needed to get home from work, pack both boys for sports practice, eat, drop the oldest at soccer and take the youngest to football.  We picked up Subway sandwiches and ate in the truck.  Ok, it's a little unconventional for a family dinner but I heard all about school & friends and we had a couple of real laughs.
  • I had several good work outs this week.  I love meeting my friend Tessa at the gym because we always get a good work out, but I also get a little social mom time too!  Granted that time is at 5:30 in the morning...but it's still my time.
  • I spent time reading with both of my boys this week.  Aiden's reading skills have really skyrocketed and it's fun to listen to him.  Connar is reading a book that I would personally like to read and he's at an age where he likes to talk about what he's reading.  
  • Thanks to my in-laws and some tricky coordinating, I was able to go on a date with my husband this week.  Spending just a couple of hours together with good food and time to talk always grounds me and makes me feel centered.
Life is full and Life is really, really good.  When I remember to take time to enjoy the moments...all the moments...I remember to center and balance and enjoy Life.
What are you doing to enjoy life?  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I like that.. Life is FULL. I love seeing you in the am too J :)
    Plus, TGIF hello GNO!!!

  2. Great post Jen! I love your attitude. Thanks for a great pick-me-up!


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