Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Boy's in Middle School...

Last week my husband and I attended our middle school son's fall conference.  I was pleased to discover that his middle school hosts "Student-Led Conferences".  Instead of sitting down with just the teacher, to talk about our kid, we sat down with everyone.  Connar shared his portfolio, samples of his work and his most recent academic goals.  He was articulate and thoughtful.

Middle School has been surprising for me.  Connar was not the most organized student in elementary.  He wasn't the most responsible student.  He wasn't the most driven or academic student.  Honestly, I was worried that middle school would eat him alive.  But it didn't!  It's been just the opposite!  Connar hasn't forgotten a single assignment, he hasn't lost anything, he hasn't melted down under the pressure.  My kiddo is thriving in middle school and I am so proud of him.

Here are a few things that I think contributed to Connar's success:
Expect him to be Organized...even when he isn't and even when it's not in his nature to be organized, I have always expected it.  Periodically through elementary school I have helped him sort his binder or folders...keeping what's important and getting rid of what's not.  Now he's doing that on his own and he even asked for plastic notebook dividers because they won't rip out of the binder.

Provide Spaces & Materials to Study...I know you hear that all the time but it's so important to build the habit of homework.  My kids don't like being up in their rooms alone (at least not yet) so they do their homework at the kitchen counter.  I have a small cupboard stocked with markers, crayons, scissors, rulers, calculators, graph paper, index cards and all the other materials they may need.

Love Him through the Sticky Spots...It can be so hard when you see your kiddo struggling.  I often just took a deep breath before diving in and supporting him.  There is often a very gray line between love & support and doing it for them, and I searched for that line.  I frequently sent him away during a homework meltdown to catch his breath (and I caught mine) and I often just poured a cup of coffee, grabbed my book and joined him at the table.

Connar has always been a good and smart kid, but I expected middle school to be a struggle. 
He's thriving and I am so proud!

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  1. I'm so happy to hear how well he's doing in middle school- Go C man!!! :)


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