Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Things They Say...

My Aiden who is 6, has had me giggling uncontrollably with some of the things he says.  I just had to share a sampling...
  • I told him one morning that he had an appointment at the orthodontist that afternoon.  He asked, "Is Daddy going to break me out of school for that one?"
  • When I shared that I wasn't feeling well and would probably take a day off work, he asked, "Will they give you a bye for the day?"
  • While walking through the grocery store he wondered, "Why would anyone want to be shot with the flu?"  We had a great conversation about immunization following that one!
He cracks me up...What do you kids say that makes you laugh?

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  1. Ha. Very cute. I love the pure innocent honesty and sense of wonder kids exhibit. Last night was our first date night since our little one arrived. The in-laws were nice enough to baby sit for us. The event we attended was over and we called to say we were on our way home. My nephew (5 yrs old) answered and said, "hello, the baby won't stop crying".

    Too cute. :)


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