Sunday, July 18, 2010

Working Mommy...

This week, I am traveling for work, so I am posting from my hotel room.  While it took a little organization on the home front to leave this morning, I think this trip will be a good one.  I get to attend a class, and be trained on equipment that supports our new science curriculum.  Back at school in the fall, I will work with my traveling teammates to train other teachers in our district.

Some advantages to traveling...
* My kids had a special day with their grandparents, and a slumber party tonight
* A very rich and delicious dinner in a fancy restaurant
* Spectacular views on the drive down.  At one point I could see 8 volcanoes at once - amazing
* Traveling with science teachers...priceless!
* Due to a last minute cancellation, a room to myself...luxurious
* Pedicures at the hotel spa tomorrow after class
* Great opportunity to learn something new

Some disadvantages to traveling...
* Teary good nights over the phone
* Missing my husband for a week due to poor timing between my trip and his work schedule
* A hotel room to myself (frankly I'm never alone and I get lonely after 1 day)
* Missing / adjusting training time for my upcoming triathlon
* Missing 4 days of stay-at-home mom time
* Teary good nights over the phone (this time it's me...I can be so sappy!)

What do you miss the most when you're not with your kids?  What's the best part of a little mom time?

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  1. My favorite part about being along is doing whatever I want to do. I can eat when I want, sleep when I want, sit on the computer for hours if I want. It's all about me.

    But when I am alone, although I have plenty to do, I don't always like to be alone. It's a little too quiet and feels awkward.


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