Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Homework?

I must be the meanest mom on the block!  Every week day during the summer the boys do a bit of homework.  I really like the Summer Bridge Activities.  

Aiden is working out of the Kindergarten to 1st Grade book.  Each day is divided into 4 different academic activities...a little bit of math, a little reading or spelling, practice writing letters or numbers  etc.  The activities are all aligned with the National Standards, so I know that what he's practicing is relevant.  The first third of the book is a bit of review, the 2nd third is reinforcement and in the 3rd third, kids are introduced to some new concepts.

Connar is working through the 5th to 6th Grade book.  He also has a bit of math, reading, writing and other skills to practice each day.  Both grade levels also have projects kids can work on, personal goal setting and fitness activities throughout the book.

Over the summer, kids who don't read or practice math skills can lose up to the equivalent of 2 months of learning.  Children, especially early readers, can lose hundreds of vocabulary or sight words over the course of the summer.  While my boys don't exactly cheer when the clock says "home work time", I hope they will appreciate the habit of continuous learning.  And...the learning doesn't stop with practice books...check out The Science Mommy for an update on our recent Science Exploration day.


  1. You are far from meanest mommy on the block!! I think summer learning is essential for their success once school starts back up again. Mine don't do cartwheels when I say it's time to do workbooks, but it's great to see how much they are retaining and learning new concepts :)
    Great post!!

  2. awesome! do they have pre-school books? my daughter is only 3, but that would be a great way to have her do some organized learning stuff. especially since i'm at work alll day, it's something easy Hubs can sit down with her to do.


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