Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Book Club...

Summer reading is my favorite!  I love sitting on the beach, on my deck, at the skate board park...wherever I am, with a good book!  This month has been a great one for reading...

The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udell  was the only book I read this month that was on my book shelf.  I know I said that all the book club books would be on the shelf...but it's my book club :)  This book was a little long and a little self-absorbed.  I do however, like to read books that give me a glimpse into another way of life.  This story describes several months in the life of a polygamist, with one of his wives and one of his children having a voice in telling the story. 

Julia's Chocolates by Cathy Lamb is the reason not all my book club books came from the book shelf.  After the previous book (which took forever to finish...I did say it was a bit long) I needed something different and ran across this one.  Wow!  This author is fantastic!  The women in the book all have complicated lives, with real issues and serious problems.  The book is written in such a delightfully irreverent style that I was both laughing and crying many times throughout.  While I never forgot that the women were struggling to overcome hurdles, the author never let them wallow in self-pity either.  "Grab the love.  Hold on tight.  Treasure it.  Put that love you have for your husband first, arrange everything else around it, and all else will work out.  Love must be cradled and nurtured and enjoyed and danced with.  Never ever forget the love.  It's why we want to live."  Loved this book!

The Last Time I Was Me by Cathy Lamb is another reason I didn't read anything else off my book shelf.  I loved the first one so much I needed to read more of hers.  Again, this book didn't disappoint...different central characters, different issues, same irreverent, buck-up style of writing.  Again, laughing and crying through the book.  "Find a backbone and stick it behind your ribs.  Quit sulking and wallowing in your sulking.  Suck it up.  Deal.  Quit being pathetic."  This was a quick read...in my favorite manner of summer reading I just inhaled it!  This is worth picking up!

I also read...Henry's Sisters by Cathy Lamb and A Change in Altitude by Anita Shreve. 

What are you reading?  Post your current reads in the comments or include a link to your own blog post.  You can grab the "Book Club" meme in my sidebar to include in your post.  Then, find your books for next month...I'll be reading the books on my bookshelf in the sidebar.  (Probably...!)


  1. Colette just recommended the Cathy Lamb book on your shelf. She loved it!! Great list of book club reads :) I need to get going on my next book!!

  2. those sound great I'll have to add them to my library list! :)


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