Sunday, July 11, 2010

Valley Girl Triathlon...

My first triathlon was last year and I loved it!  It was an amazing feeling to "find my sport" in my 30's after living a fairly un-sporty life.  Now I am sporty and it's so much fun!  Today was my first triathlon of this season - Valley Girl.  This is a race that is literally held in my backyard - I rode my bike to the transition zone.  There were so many women I knew competing that the environment was really fun and positive...very inspirational.

My race started in the lake...isn't it beautiful?  The water was wonderful!  I swam 1/3 of a mile and felt really strong.  One thing I need to work on is staying on the course...I kept swimming to the right and ended up spending time to get back in track.  Swimming is a lot of fun though and I tried to remember to enjoy the was the only time I wasn't toasty all morning.

I ran out of the water into the transition zone to get my bike...

...and set off on a 12 mile bike race.  I had personal best records in both the swimming and biking this morning...yay!
Back into the transition zone and it's a quick change into my running shoes.  I got new elastic laces and they worked really well to get my shoes on quick.  I headed out for the final leg of the race...a 3 mile run.

Running is my nemesis and I didn't have a PB race this morning but I did find my great friend Tessa during the run and we finished the race together.  We've been training together and work out together most mornings so it was really great to be able to finish this race with her!
And I am a finisher!! I felt strong through most of the race and I had a great time.  I really love triathlons and I love feeling sporty!


  1. wow that is awesome!!! way to go!!

    i have a blog award for you the post will be up later tonight or tomorrow

  2. WAY TO GO Jen!! You were amazing today! So strong and a smile on your face :) I'm so happy we could finish the race together!!!

  3. Congratulations! The training and commitment paid off. I couldn't do it, you're very sporty.


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