Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Big Photo Challenge...

The Big Photo Challenge

I missed the Big Photo Challenge last week because I was out of town...this week the topic is

I decided to take a photo that would show as many facets of me as possible in one shot.
  • My desk was custom built for me, by my husband, when he finished our basement.  Rather than building in a spare bedroom, he created this office space which overlooks the family room.  He actually cut out the wall, creating this window.  I can work on crafts or projects while the kids play in the family's perfect.
  • I do enjoy sewing...though I do much more of that during the summers when I am home.  This summer I have been working on unfinished projects and making really cute clutches.
  • On the far corner of my desk you'll see a book I am reading for work on top of my school calendar.  Even though I am off for the summer, there is prep work to be done so that I am ready to go when school opens.
  • My desktop is green, as is the book case on the far end...I love green!
  • No surprise that there's a book case here...I have one in every room of my house...I love to read!  This one holds several projects and notes on the top shelf AND my entire collection of Madeleine L'Engle on the other shelves.
  • On the wall above the book case you'll see pictures of my family, especially my boys.  There's also an altered book I made and a basket of shells.
  • Do you see the photo of daisies in the green frame?  Guess what?  I love daisies too!
  • There's a little snippet of windowsill you can husband and I tiled it last year and planted a small zen garden in the window well.
There's a lot of ME in this one photo.
What best paints a picture of YOU


  1. This was one of my favorites blogs-great picture and very interesting what we learn about people from a picture:)

  2. What a wonderful way to show you!!! Its is better than just a self portrait, it shows who you are and your hobbies which is what makes you who you are, great defition of this weeks theme!! Thanks for a better idead!!

  3. This is so perfect and a fab way to show all of your wonderfulness in one photo :)
    Great job, J!

  4. I love this look of you. Very meaningful.


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