Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesday...

Once again I am joining Julia at Work, Wife, Mom...Life! for...

The prompt this week is to brag about yourself!  Wow...that's an interesting invitation.  I'm a teacher.  I teach middle school science and I love it!  I've taught 4th grade through 8th grade, but middle school is my favorite and Science is the best content {in my humble opinion}!

I've been at my current school for 9 years, but teaching for 15.  The school I work at has a high percentage of students who live in poverty.  Children who aren't well-nourished and who don't live in print rich homes.  Children who often fend for themselves.  It's a tough crowd, and I love working there.  I love making connections with kids, seeing the light bulb go on over their heads, celebrating their successes.  I love knowing that the content and skills they learn in my class will help them in many ways as they continue through life.  I love hearing their stories when they come back to that made it!

Currently I am working as a TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment) and I am an instructional coach.  Think about a sports coach...the person who brings in resources, coordinates practices, provides feedback to players, brings in new ideas and new strategies, helps players achieve their goals...that's what I do for classroom science teachers.  I don't have a class of my own anymore, but I get to work with amazing teachers who are dedicated and talented.  It's a fantastic opportunity.

Teaching is an interesting, and I believe often misunderstood profession.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Health and Biology with a minor in Chemistry.  I have a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  Last November I achieved National Board Certification in Early Adolescent Science.  I'll be starting my doctorate in Educational Leadership next summer.  Teaching is a taxing, difficult, stressful job.  It's also extremely rewarding and there are always new challenges around the corner.


  1. Good for you starting your doctorate - that's a huge accomplishment!

  2. Came over from Working Mommy Wednesday. I think it takes a special person to teach middle school. :) There should be more of you.

  3. Found you on Working Mommy Wednesday (haven't posted yet, but I so enjoy reading everyone's responses!).

    I just wanted to give you serious kudos. Teaching is a calling. I have no doubts about that. But teaching *middle* school (and loving it, at that) might just earn you saint-hood. Thank you for your willingness to teach our kids. There should be more like you! <3

  4. Very cool. I have a 9-year-old who is crazy about science and would love for you to be his teacher. Keep it up!

  5. teaching middle school is tough. i work with alot of middle school kids too and that is a challenging age group. but good for you. it sounds like you LOVE your job and that is awesome!!

  6. Julie and I have always said that you would be our "Mobile Shout Out" if if ever get in Cash Cab. So if you need any extra quite study time when you go for your doctorate we're available for boysitting (we have a vested interest in your brain).


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