Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesday...

It's time to link up with Julia at Work, Wife, Mom...Life! and all the other mommies of the Working Mommy Network for ...

This week's prompt is:  Top 5 things you say to your kids on a daily basis.

1.  Have you both spiffied up your bedrooms?

2.  Time to do your everyday jobs.

3.  Do you want milk, juice or water?

4.  Hey punkin...

5.  Love you buddy, you're my favorite 6 (or 11)  year old!

What do you say to your kids on a daily basis?


  1. Stopping by from WMW. Great list!

  2. Stopping by from WMW as well. =)I love the word "spiffied".

  3. "Milk, juice or water" is a constant in our house as well. :) Stopping by from WMW.

  4. great list. so nice to hear some things from the "older kid" crowd. i can't wait for my kids to do MORE of their own chores. ((besdies just cleaning up toys)

  5. I tried to teach my 4 year old how to make her bed last week. That did not go over so well - thinking I need to teach her how to "spiff" though - sounds a little fancier than "clean up!" :-)

  6. "Spiffy Up" is a common phrase in my house :)

  7. I say your #5 all the time to my son! That is so funny. I actually say the word "favorite" a lot. Example..."your my favorite neice", "this is your favorite daughter calling". Great minds think alike!


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