Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photo Challenge Tag...

I was tagged in a photo challenge by LabMom at The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love.  I was supposed to pick the 8th picture in my 8th photo folder to post. 

This picture was from a trip my family and I took to San Diego in February 2009.  At the Wild Animal Park, we were able to go on a giraffe safari.  The truck we were in traveled into the giraffe enclosure and we were up close and personal with these amazing animals.  We fed them and learned so much about them, both in the wild and in terms of conservation.  It was an incredible experience for all of us. I am tagging others and I am curious to see which photos pop up for you:
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Ashley at Everything Happens for a Reason
Danny at Dancy
Jeri at Durable Goods
Teresa at Blooming on Bainbridge
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Amanda at Confessions of a Wannabe Supermom

What is the 8th photo in the 8th folder on your computer?


  1. I don't see a Linky so I will post a comment with a link to my 8th photo.

  2. My 8th photo in my 8th file is of me & The Big Guy getting ready to head out on our Anniversary (YIPPEEEE) I heart dating him!!

    Unable to attach photo, but we were quite cute :)-

  3. Oooh.. I will have to do this later this afternoon.. theres no telling what i will find!!


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