Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Count Down to Christmas...

This is my all-time favorite tradition of all! I thoroughly immerse myself in the holiday season...everything about Christmas is fun for you'll see if you keep reading this month.  But this tradition?  This tradition trumps everything else and is by far, my favorite.

There are few personal pleasures more important, or satisfying, to me than reading a good book.  I do love to curl up and read.  When my oldest, Connar, was approaching his first Christmas I wanted to start something special that would become a time-honored tradition.  (That's a lot of pressure for a new, young family...but I succeeded!)  I read about this idea somewhere, and I wish I could give credit to the original source. 
I built a Christmas Book Count-Down...

What a fantastic box full of presents.  When Connar was a baby, and I was dreaming of this amazing family tradition, I was thinking about having a gift to  open every day.  Here's our book box...there are 23 wrapped Christmas books and two wrapped copies of "Twas the Night Before Christmas". 

The first few years of the Christmas Book Count-Down  I didn't have a book for every day of the month... we started opening books later depending on how many there were.  Since I have added books, liberally, to the collection I now have more than enough.  I store the books all year, so they are not on the kids book shelves...the only time we read the books is  during December.  Every night before bed they take turns choosing a book to open.  There are several favorites in the collection and they spend hours flipping through the wrapped books trying to predict which is which. 

With a little wrapping paper, a couple of hours and a much-loved collection of books...I put together my favorite Christmas tradition of all time.  And if the boys excitement at seeing the box of wrapped books is any's one of their favorite traditions as well!


  1. I adore this idea - absolutely love it - I have never heard anything like this before but it is fabulous - I am going to start it in my family (hope you don't mind if I steal!!!!)

    You are one smart cookie!!!
    Gorgeous blog, by the way!!! What a beautiful family you have!

  2. LOVE that idea. wanted to do it when hannah was born, but never did. you've inspired me to start collecting for next year!! thank you!

  3. OMG! What a beautiful family tradition!!! It brought tears to my eyes just reading about it. I love it, and can hardly wait to introduce it in our family. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I looove this, thinking I need to start this myself.

  5. What a GREAT tradition. I love it!

  6. Fantastic idea!! I'll have to wait til our kiddos are a bit older I think, since they are stuck in the I-want-to-read-the-same-book-every-night phase. :)


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