Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesday...

I love linking up with the Working Mommy's each Wednesday!  Today's prompt...A Motherhood Confession

I am laughing at this prompt, because this has been a week...really, and it's only Wednesday.

Monday afternoon I had a meeting after school and my kids went to work at the local Toys for Tots distribution center with their grandparents.  After my meeting,  I snuck in a couple of errands, relishing the fact that I could move around a store at my pace...unencumbered with "help" from my boys.  I got home just a couple of minutes ahead of the kids.  Sounds like a great afternoon...right?

Sadly, while the boys had a great time volunteering and fun at dinner with grandma and grandpa, they were not at their best for me.  Cranky and whiny about homework, daily jobs and bath nerves were on edge.  Couple that with my oldest son's preteen angst and I couldn't wait to get them in bed.   When they continued to argue about...literally...every little statement I made, I finally just yelled at them.  {I HATE being a yell-y mom...I wish I could always handle them without breaking a didn't happen Monday night}

Of course the Christmas book they opened on Monday was "Elf on a Shelf"...we were all sitting there wondering what our Elf would tell Santa that night!  Aiden actually mentioned out loud that he hoped he wasn't fully on the naughty list.

Finally, it was bed time.  I realized that in my haste to run a couple errands, I never had dinner.  I reheated some pizza poured a glass of wine and headed to bed with visions of catching up on Grey's Anatomy dancing in my head.

Walking up the stairs...I tripped on my pajama pants.  I tripped up the remaining stairs...spilling red wine all over the top of the landing.  That's when the swearing really started!  As I watched the remnants of red wine soak into the carpet and uttered my last rarely-used 4-letter word, my youngest son yells, "Mommy, Fyn has something coming out of her butt!"

Sure enough, our 2-year old Devon Rex had eaten at least a yard of green ribbon.  The portion that had already passed was indeed hanging out, and she was curled up mewing in discomfort.  At that point the boys were wide awake, I was standing in a puddle of red wine and my cat was...well I won't give you the graphic details...use your imagination.

Call my husband, who is at work.  Call the emergency vet.  Discover we have no carpet cleaner.  Hope cold water and sponging will help.  Settle down both boys.  Rub vaseline on Fyn's paws hoping it will help with passing the remaining ribbon.  Give up on dinner and Gray's Anatomy.  Tuck the boys in again with reassurances that I am not mad and Fyn will not die in the night.  Set the alarm to wake every 2 hours to check on Fyn.  Wonder if this happens to any other mom.  Fall asleep...briefly.


  1. Oh no!!! Sounds exactly like me. Thankfully, I'm a white wine drinker, though. :)

  2. Stopping over as a part of WMW - I hope your cat's OK!

    I'm a white wine drinker, too, but one time, I spilled dark hot chocolate on my cream-colored carpet. I frantically scrubbed it for 10 minutes [and stained the only towels that I had in the place, which were white, of course] to get the stain out. I feel your pain. :)

  3. OMG . . . I cannot stop laughing!! Nothing in this scripture sounds like a "Jen" evening. Fighting, yelling, tripping over ones' pjs, cursing, and anal problems?! Okay, maybe the wine and the ribbon, but other than that, not so much. Sorry to hear about your adventurous (and by that, I mean way out of the ordinary) evening. However, in the midst of what seems like a never ending week of chaos, I must admit that I do appreciate the laughter you have bestowed by sharing such an unusual Jen evening. Two more days and winter vacation . . . ahhh!

  4. oh my gosh, Jen. what a night!! i can't imagine the ribbon thing... yuck!! i hope your last few days have been better!! the weekend is almost here!


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