Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fantastic Family Calendar...

I try to be vigilant about keeping a Family Calendar.  Especially during sports seasons when it feels like we moving in a hundred different directions, it helps to have things written down.  We have a calendar hanging on the wall in the kitchen that holds all the family appointments, sports schedules and routine maintenance checks.  Every Sunday evening, I sit down with my iPhone and make sure my personal calendar and the family calendar match.  This is important because I also have a calendar at work and I need to make sure that overlapping appointments are on all three.

Recently, I found a calendar that helps reduce all these steps.  The Cozi Family Calendar is fantastic!  You register online and build your family calendar...each family member is color-coordinated.  From the free online view, you can print a day, week or month.  I also downloaded the app for my iPhone and for my husband's.  Appointments and events can be added online or on either phone and will appear in all three locations.  Reminders can be scheduled to be sent via text or email also. 

This is the best family calendar I have seen in a long time.  I love that it was developed to be managed by both adults in the home and can be customized for all family members.  It's so easy to schedule a reminder as well...we've sent reminders to make dental appointments, to pick up ice for a party and even to make sure we remembered to pick up cash for the baby sitter.

My other favorite feature is in the iPhone app.  The app includes a shopping list and a to-do list.  I have previously downloaded apps for both that were cumbersome and required moving back and forth between the calendar app and the to-do list.  With Cozi everything is in one place and it's all easy to use.  You can also build your list on-line and access it on your phone.  For the busy families everywhere...this is perfect.

Disclaimer:  I have received nothing from Cozi...I read a post similar to mine in early December and started using Cozi on my own.  The online calendar is free and the iPhone app has a small charge.

How do you keep your busy family organized and on time?

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