Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Home Tour...

I am joining the Holiday Home Tour, sponsored by LeeLou Blogs.  Pop on over to check out everyone's beautiful holiday decorating ideas...

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These are a few of my favorite Christmas decorations...

I collect snow men and enjoy leaving many of them out through February...a couple of lucky ones get to be out year round!

The wooden tree on the left was given to me by my Aunt Jo when I was a freshman in college.  Each month in a care package she would send a new set of ornaments.  {The snowmen will go on in January}

I made this table runner a couple of years ago...I love the look of wool applique.  I have one with turkeys in progress.

Snowmen just make me smile :)

We don't have a fireplace so we reclaim shelves, that have pictures on them during the rest of the year, to serve as a mantle.  I made Kyle and I stockings for our first Christmas together and then the boys for their first Christmases.  Fortunately, Santa fills all the stockings!  My mother-in-law solved the problem of a chimney when my oldest son was about 3, and quite worried about Santa's entrance.  You'll notice a key hanging with Aiden's stocking.  It's a Santa key and the boys hang it on the outside door knob on Christmas Eve...allowing Santa access sans chimney. 

I keep a small scrapbook with all the boys Santa pictures and display the current year's picture in the frame.  {It's still last year's photo...Santa pictures are Saturday!}

We don't have a themed tree...I have several different collections of ornaments and I look forward to putting them out every year.

One of my favorite sets of ornaments are framed pictures of the boys each year...sometimes with Santa and sometimes other candid winter shots.  I'll tell you more about this picture next week...stay tuned!

This is from a collection of bells that have been handed down...the story is that my Great-grandfather brought them with him when he emigrated from Sweden.

The boys have their own tree in our family room...

...their ornaments are mostly toys &'s so much fun!

Thanks for sharing my Holiday Home!


  1. The tree looks great. I love all of your snowman, so decorative and festive :)

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, it made my day! :-) I have to say that I really like your snowman tree topper. We don't have anything at the top of our tree, and it always looks like something is missing to me.


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