Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fresh Organization...

I have a craft cupboard that needed a little help.  Last summer I cleaned out my whole storage room, including all my crafting supplies, but I have to admit that I ran out of steam at the end of the project.  The final details are being added slowly but surely. 

I don't know about your kids, but it seems that every time I turn around, my kids need more school supplies.  This year I anticipated the need and over-purchased supplies in August (when they were practically free!)  They were just sort of tossed into the store room, but now they have a home where the boys can easily grab whatever they have run out of.  The sneaker balls are also a necessary school supply for sporty kids...they have these in their sports bags and Connar keeps one in his PE locker.

The school supplies now sit on top of a family hand-me-down chest of drawers.  I love this dresser...it was my dad's as a baby, mine as a baby and my baby - Aiden's - as a changing table.  When he moved into a "big boy" dresser, this cupboard moved into storage and became my craft storage.

I have wanted to label the drawers for a while, but I didn't want anything permanent.  I came up with the idea of making little gift tags with the label, tied to the drawer knob.

They worked out perfectly!

Little ideas, but I love organized corners of the house.  What little corners have you recently organized?

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  1. CUTENESS!!! You know I'm a fan of organizational projects :)


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