Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas is coming...

Last night, thanks to grandparents and my husbands work schedule, I got to spend a few hours Christmas shopping.  It was a weeknight, so the stores weren't crowded and it was so much fun!  Shopping alone and relaxed, gave me time to think.  Here's some of my favorite things about the season...

  • I love shopping at Christmas!  I never do any Christmas shopping before Black Friday, which is when I start with my husband.  I love being in the stores and the mall with all the decorations, and the's so much fun!
  • I love finding the perfect gift.  I have been looking for something that will keep my Gram warm...she's always cold.  Last night I found the perfect fleece, bed jacket that's soft and warm and blue.  I can't wait to give it to her! (If you're reading this and you're related to me...don't tell Gram!)
  • I love holiday flavored coffee...especially when I am shopping!
  • I love buying presents for my kids.  You could easily make the claim that they're spoiled...but it's the good kind of spoiled :)  They are just so stinking cute and fun, that everywhere I look I find something new I want to give them!
  • I love having the best idea for my husband!  He can be kind of hard to shop for but this year I had the perfect idea.  Of course, he tried to buy one for himself and I had to hint and now he knows what it is...but I am trying to pretend that it could be something else!
  • I love opening books every night with my kids!  They're excited and I am excited and it's so cozy to read in front of the Christmas tree.
  • I love the way the house looks all decorated.  My husband does all the lights and outside decorations and even though it was about 10 degrees the day he did the lights, he went all out.
  • I love the magic of Christmas...the sense of surprise, the ability to settle into the little girl-ness of the holiday and to relish the moments with family.
I really love Christmas!  This year I am remembering to take time to enjoy the moments rather than hurry through everything.  This year I want to settle into each moment and remember it!

What are you enjoying this season?

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  1. What a fantastic post!!! Christmas shopping with coffee= the Best!!


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